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About FAID Srl


Founded in 1974 as a production firm of plumbing tools and equipment, FAID emerged in the engineering sector as a highly competitive player in the wholesale market of flexible hydraulic pipes.

The founder, Zeno Cappelli, thanks to his proven experience in the field, molded his own character attributes as distinctive factors of the firm, establishing a solid foundation for the future industrial growth; dating from 1987, FAID has become a S.p.A.
The following year(1988) Zeno's wife, Clara Capelli , took over the company lead.

Accurately selected materials, very tight production flow control, combined with continuous training of its highly motivated workforce have always been the major strengths of the company.
FAID's quality management system has been extensively validated over the years through a huge number of successful business partnerships.

Nowadays FAID owns modern and advanced production plants, all entirely based in its Italian premises. The company is fulfilling its mission of being a high quality provider of plumbing tools, benefitting the customers with the highest quality standards within its market sector, thanks to its best in class items portfolio.

The company is still pushing the constant growth through investments and modernization efforts within all its departments: purchase, logistics, marketing and distribution, seeing these as essential steps to make the production process more efficient and the final product more satisfactory to the customers.